Friday, April 15

Books I want to read

  • Waking-Matthew Sanford
  • Songs of the Gorilla Nation- Dawn Price-Hughes
  • Leaving Dirty Jersey- James Salant
  • Burned Alive- Souad
  • No More Tomorrows-Schapelle Corby
  • Dirty Secret- Jessie Sholl
  • My Child is Autistic-Renitha Tutin
  • The 100 Thing Challenge- Dave Bruno
  • Miracle Man 100 days with Oliver- Robert Haas
  • I Beat the odds-Michael Oher
  • Two Kisses for Maddy-Matt Logelin
  • Heart of Iron-Kyle Garlett
  • Don't Kill the Birthday Girl-Sandra Beasley
  • Thunder Dog-Michael Hingson
  • Keeper-Andrea Gillies
  • A Promise of Hope- Autumn Stringam
  • Beauty in Love- Jorge Posada
  • My Maasai Life- Robin Wiszowaty
  • Designated Fat Girl- Jennifer Joyner
  • Diary of Anorexic Girl- Morgan Menzie
  • Brave Girl Eating-Harriet Brown
  • Kasey to the Rescue- Ellen Rogers
  • Choosing to see- Mary Beth Chapman
  • I Will Carry you- Angie Smith
  • The Dirty Life- Kristin Kimball
  • Josie's Story- Sorrel King
  • Fixing Freddie- Paula Munier
  • Forbidden Creatures- Peter Laufer
  • The Story of Brutus- Casey Anderson
  • The Last Resort- Douglas Rogers

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