Saturday, March 24

Friday, March 23

Whitney Houston, In her autopsy it shows cocaine... So what they say is that she used before getting in the bathtub then she drown. Heart was 60% blocked and cocaine in her system.

Tuesday, March 20

Sunday, March 18

Thursday, March 15

Photorito Lens Wrap

The Lens Cap Strap Holder
(figure 1)

Last night I had a weird dream, In my dream I was hosting a birthday party, not sure for who. At this party they had a mega candy bar...with a billion different jars (fig.1) of candy...They had every imaginable gummi candy every made. They also had any other candy you would ever want. But there was a trick to all this candy. You had to answer really impossible trivia like jeopardy questions to get any..In the end the party was a disaster cause all the kids were in tears and we were left with 9 million pounds of candy.

I have always wanted to have a candy bar at my party, full of anything gummi imaginable..But when I look at it the expense is really just to much money.

Last year at Longwood Gardens, they had 2 wonderful gingerbread houses made by a local bakery. The room was also decorated with apothecary jars of candy. Much to my disappointment at the end of the display all the candy was destroyed.

Wednesday, March 14

days until I see my sister and Liam!!

8 Movies I Love
  1. Cars II
  2. UP
  3. Good Deeds
  4. The Blindside
  5. Precious
  6. Madea's Family Reunion
  7. ET
  8. Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Stay tune for day 7!

Its with great sadness that I tell you that Rachel lost her battle with brain cancer last night. She is no longer hurting and is now resting with the lord. She will be greatly missed!

Monday, March 12

is the number of days I have left before I see my sister and Liam again!

11 Random facts:
  1. Baby porcupines are called porcupettes.
  2. You burn 11 calories every hour you chew gum
  3. Balloons used to be made out of animal's intestines.
  4. For every M&M you eat you have to run the length of a football field to burn it off.
  5. Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards.
  6. One beaver can cut up to 216 trees a year
  7. 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily.
  8. 85,000,000 tons of paper are used each year in the U.S.
  9. A 10-gallon hat barely holds 6 pints.
  10. A giraffe can go without water longer than a camel can.
  11. An iguana can stay under water for 28 minutes.

Stay tune for day 10