Thursday, March 15

(figure 1)

Last night I had a weird dream, In my dream I was hosting a birthday party, not sure for who. At this party they had a mega candy bar...with a billion different jars (fig.1) of candy...They had every imaginable gummi candy every made. They also had any other candy you would ever want. But there was a trick to all this candy. You had to answer really impossible trivia like jeopardy questions to get any..In the end the party was a disaster cause all the kids were in tears and we were left with 9 million pounds of candy.

I have always wanted to have a candy bar at my party, full of anything gummi imaginable..But when I look at it the expense is really just to much money.

Last year at Longwood Gardens, they had 2 wonderful gingerbread houses made by a local bakery. The room was also decorated with apothecary jars of candy. Much to my disappointment at the end of the display all the candy was destroyed.

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